At Cape Charles Christian School, we expect the best from each student. Our focus on the development of the whole child capitalizes on each student’s strengths, interests, and personal goals. It is our desire to create an atmosphere where children enjoy learning and become self-motivated, curious, and successful. We recognize that each student is unique in the way they learn.

Each grade level’s curricular goals are based on the Common Core Standards. Materials are selected with these standards and students’ needs in mind.

Students are taught to read using books, poems, and other print material at their reading level. Phonics skills are a major focus in the lower grades. Often, children read books that relate to what they’re learning in Science and History. Children participate in plays, skits, and other performances related to literature. Hands-on projects and activities extend the children’s knowledge of material read.

The Singapore Math curriculum is used in grades K-5. There is a strong focus on computation and problem solving. Manipulative materials and hands-on activities are used to aid understanding. Activities in algebraic thinking, number sense, measurement, data, and geometry are also taught at each grade level.

Science and Social Studies concepts are taught at each grade level with an emphasis on projects, experiments, and hands-on experiences. Children are encouraged to apply reading skills as they learn about Science and History topics, and demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge in creative ways. It is our goal to integrate as many academic areas as possible into each learning experience. We focus on the big ideas, rather than isolated facts.

Our children learn writing skills as a means to express ideas effectively. Instruction focuses on the process of writing, spelling, grammar, and handwriting.

Children participate in Bible lessons and weekly Chapel experiences so they may grow and develop spiritually as well as intellectually while at our school.

Our curriculum is rounded out by experiences with Art, Music, Drama, Health, and Movement.